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Are you ready to caffeinate your content?


Your blog is the first step your audience takes in the journey from casual visitor to paying customer + raving fan.

Your blog is how your audience gets to know you, like you, and trust you.


You know Your blog content is vital, but it takes so much freaking time.


Blogging just keeps falling to the bottom on your to-do list.

Seriously, who has time to maintain a blog?

Writing, editing, proofreading, researching topics, creating content calendars, and you don’t even want to THINK about SEO.

I get it. That’s a huge chunk of time you’d rather spend working with clients, creating new products, and brewing up new services.


Don’t let your blog languish.

Your business and your story is far too important for that.


Let me take the blogging piece off your hands.

The Cafe Wordsmith is your one stop shop for content strategy and creation so you can get back to what you do best.

Educate and entertain your audience.

Build trust.

Tell your story.

Together, we’ll map out your content goals. Then I’ll research the content your audience is looking for and turn your ideas into readable, SEO-friendly blog posts your audience will love!


Here’s what clients are saying: 


The best part about working with McKella are her ideas and creative ways to solve content challenges.

We’ve been able to create powerful content within a short amount of time, which has helped the search engine optimization for our website and given us more traffic!

McKella has a great attitude, quality writing skills, and quick turnaround time. She’s highly responsive and efficient. I highly recommended her!


-Claire Akin,



I’m so blown away with all the work McKella has done for me. It’s so nice to have someone I trust and value on this journey. She’s saved me from hours of painful editing and made my life so much better, seriously!

I’m super pumped to have her on board. Each time I read something new from her, I love it even more! She is crazy talented!


-Dawn Bradley ,



I’m not spending hours on end writing and editing my blog posts. McKella will either start a blog post for me using my ideas or will look over what I write and make it better.

I know how important blogging is to online businesses and thanks to McKella I’m not wasting my time on something that’s not my zone of genius. She also formats, SEO’s and publishes my blog posts AND makes blog graphics. Oh and she’s super quick!

-B. in Florida


McKella is a great writer and provides a lot of value.

I loved how easy the whole process was and how right from the beginning, McKella laid out how everything would go.

Having a timeline was very helpful. My favorite thing was that she was open to any and all topics, even ones she didn’t know much about. I appreciated the extra research she did!

I enjoyed working with you, McKella!

Lisa P.


Working with McKella is so easy! Since bringing her on, I’ve seen increased visits to my my website and more Facebook traffic.

If you dislike writing blogs and it feels like drudgery, take your time back! Focus on what you love to do and let McKella work her magic.

-Courtney Brown,



McKella is a dedicated colleague with a passionate love for writing and editing. It’s a love that she carries throughout all her work.

Through her creativity and ability to craft the written word, she holds herself to a high-standard in every piece she does. As long as I’ve known her, whether it’s a small blog post or a large project, McKella’s work results in innovative, colorful, and professional work.

-J. Kowallis, author of The Enertia Trials series


McKella’s strengths are the perfect addition to our team. She keeps things moving forward consistently and dependably when my brain is flittering off in a million directions.

McKella essentially produced Else Magazine. If it weren’t for her, this magazine would still be a cool ‘idea’ but now it is a tangible real life thing, because she took the ball and ran with it.

You can always rely on the consistency and care McKella puts into every project. Not only that, she’s just an awesome human, and wonderful to work with!


-Anne Perry,



I know that I can put my trust in McKella and that she’ll help to hold me accountable to finishing my projects.

Hire her to help you get your endless to-do list done!


-Anna Long-Stokes, The Portland Girl



McKella is a very reliable, capable and supportive collaborator in my business. She’s incredibly supportive and an awesome problem solver! She’s super reliable and I appreciate how she took my project on and created a product that I love! The blog posts she formatted continue to bring clients into my practice. People often comment on how beautiful the graphics are!


-Melinda Laus, Courageous Mourning


My favorite thing about McKella is her openness to ideas and her ability to build on them. Since working with McKella, I’ve had more consistency in publishing content and I’ve gotten my operations documents in SOPs. Definitely set up a meeting to find out how McKella can help you create content, develop sales pages and stay consistent!


Teresa Cleveland, The Entrepreneur’s Toolbox



Does your content need a big jolt or a little buzz?

Pick the right-size package for you!



Triple Red-Eye: $600/month

For the coach or creative who’d rather be working their magic than maintaining a blog. It’s like getting a part-time employee for a flat monthly fee!

  • Quarterly 1 hour session to discuss your goals, ideas, and ideal client you want to attract with your content.
  • SEO keyword analysis to see your audience is searching for. (This means more traffic to your posts + more potential customers!)
  • Monthly content calendar.
  • Weekly 500-1,000 word blog posts (4-5 posts per month) with one round of edits.
  • 3 promo blurbs (per post) for sharing the post on social media.
  • Custom social media graphic for each post (for Pinterest or Instagram).

Bonus: An email version of each post to send to your list, because your email content is important too!


Double Shot – $400/month

For the entrepreneur who doesn’t need an article every single week, but wants all the strategy and quality.

  • Quarterly 1 hour session to discuss your goals, ideas, and ideal client you want to attract with your content.
  • SEO keyword analysis.
  • Monthly content calendar.
  • Bimonthly 500-1,000 word blog posts with one round of edits.
  • 3 promo blurbs (per post) for sharing on social media.
  • Custom social media graphic for each post (for Pinterest or Instagram).

Bonus: An email version of each post to send to your list!


Cup o’ Joe – $400

For brand new entrepreneurs who just need to get their blog launched with quality content.

No frills. No extras. Just solid content to give your blog a boost of energy.

  • 5 blog posts with one round of edits (500-1,000 words each).
  • Social media graphic for each post.
  • 3 promo blurbs (per post) for sharing on social media.


Just a Sip – $90

Want a sample of my services? Let’s do it!

  • 1 article
  • 1 social media graphic
  • 3 promo blurbs for sharing the post on social media


Do you need WordPress formatting and SEO Optimization? I got you!  

Add it onto your package for $35/hr. I’ll even throw in an SOP for blog formatting to keep things organized + consistent. No need to find an extra person to do this for you!


It’s like setting your blog on autopilot.


Ready to get started? Send me a message and tell me what you’re looking for. Let’s do this!